New Medicare Support for Prostate MRI

Prostate MRI scans have increasingly become central to the management and detection of prostate cancer – which is the second most common cancer killer of men. Our use of next generation 3T MRI scanners and special parameters has led to greater accuracy in detecting clinically significant prostate cancer.

We are pleased to announce that from 1 July 2018 there will now be Medicare support for MRI prostate scans, when referred by urologists, radiation oncologists and medical oncologists. We provide access to these advanced MRI prostate scans at several locations, including a full license 3T MRI at the Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital and a 1.5T MRI at its Maroochydore clinic. The referred service can be performed at both of these locations.

Our entire team strives to improve health outcomes across the region, through prostate MRI scans and other high quality diagnostic imaging services.